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Impact Gaming

We make CSR a competitive advantage and a revenue driver for the gaming industry.
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Gamification of Giving

Our games create social impact and integrates CSR into the business model.
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Establishment of a new game category

Gamification of giving
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Together for a better society

Maximizing the help element in the game experience

We drive revenue and impact by merging three mega sectors; the gaming industry, charity/donations and e-commmerce.

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Our first proof-of-concept
Världens Chans - A nationally regulated lottery operator in Sweden

During 2019-2020 we challenged the traditional way of offering lottery games in Sweden. With a 100% value proposition, the female target group participated with daily micropayments of help – 1 sek (0,10 cent). As a thank you from the organisations involved, each customer was given a chance of winning 50.000 SEK (5.000 Euro).

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Our product philosophy
Impact games have new drivers and reach new target groups

Our portfolio of impact games are designed with purpose in cause and instead of using high monetary prizes as wins, we can position products and experiences as part of the win experience. As a player even loosing feels good as that loss is a direct contribution to the cause of your preference.

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Why Impact Games?
CSR generates revenue and new customers

Social and environmental impact can be made by players through gaming. As an operator, it becomes increasingly more important to be a leader not only in the field of responsible gaming, but also in corporate social responsibility.

A portfolio of impact games positions your company for the future.

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